Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Penelope And Javier Have Learnt Nothing From History

Once again like clockwork, whenever we see Israel come under attack from one of its neighbours, we see the bimbos and himbos of Hollywood come out and use their celebrity status to inform us ignorant mortals of just how righteous and worthy of praise they are.

In recent days, actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem penned an open letter claiming that Israel defending itself in Operation Protective Edge against genocidal fanatics is, well... genocide.

You might wonder why, with Spain's history of subjugation under Islam for 700 years, Pen and Jav, (and Spaniards in general), aren't more knowledgeable or even aware of what Israel is up against.

Under Islamic belief, a territory that was once conquered by Muslims remains Islamic for eternity. If the land is freed from Islam, as happened with Spain in 1492, then Muslims consider it 'occupied'.

As such, Spain shares exactly the same 'legal' status as Israel under Islamic law (and they're not the only ones). More urgently than other, as yet unconquered territories, these 'occupied' lands must be brought back under the rule of Islam. It is a matter of pride for Islamic supremacists worldwide. A very good litmus test to do if you're engaging a Muslim to see whether they're radical is to ask them about such lands, especially Israel.

Thus if Israel belongs to Muslims simply because they once invaded it then so does Spain. If Muslims have more right to Israel than the Jews - no matter how much evidence there is to show Jews lived in Israel thousands of years before of the existence of Islam - then Spaniards certainly have no claim whatsoever to Spain.

Spain Under Islam Had iPhones, Or Something

There is so much fiction written about Islamic history in Israel as well as the Islamic occupation of Spain, that it would be impossible to debunk all of those myths here. But suffice it to say that Spain's brutal and horrific conquest of the Americas came directly as a result of being under Islamic occupation. The behaviours of the Spanish in the new world (Conquistadors) mirrored exactly those of the Muslims they had been subjected to for the 700 years leading up to these events, when Spain was in a near-total state of 'holy' war for virtually the entire duration of the Islamic occupation. The same goes for the Inquisition (convert or die; sound familiar?). But if you're interested in reading a debunking of just some of the 'Golden Age' myths, here's an article I penned for the JDL blog a while back.

Oh and here's a video which fits right into that article

What Pen And Jav's Attitudes Show

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem display key behaviours dhimmis are required to display when under Islamic rule. They are totally subservient to their masters and adopt their likes and dislikes in order to win favour with their Muslim overlords. They are silent on genocides around the world (especially in the Muslim world) when it is unimportant or harmful to the Islamisation project (such as Syrian Christians being beheaded or crucified) but on cue, these historical illiterates claim the worst charge against the only Jewish country in the world when the intentions of the Jews' enemies could hardly be clearer.

Although the Hollywood couple live in the US, they are still for all intents and purposes a purely European product. It has been well documented that Europe is being Islamised. A central part of Islam is hatred, especially hatred of Jews. Thus while Spain is in the process of being reconquered (culturally this time around), the demonisation of Jews must occur as part of the cultural transformation that needs to take place in order for Islam to be accepted. And lefties with their own history of antisemitism and blood-libels against the Jewish state are only too happy to go along with this.

Pen and Jav's behaviour is compliant in other ways as well. Bad publicity, shedding a spotlight on Muslim atrocities elsewhere in the world, such as the frequent massacres in Nigeria, or the ethnic cleansing going on in Thailand or the Philippines, would go against the project of Islamisation; if people are aware of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity generally committed by Muslims against 'infidels', then there is little chance of them accepting Muslims in their midsts. By Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem being silent on atrocities occurring worldwide, they are showing us the Islamic values they've been exposed to historically and are being prepared for once again.

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper was right when he said 'historically, those that are enemies of the Jews are enemies of civilisation as well.' The disease which Cruz and Bardem are cursed with will extol a far greater price from the financially crippled Spain than it will from the Jewish people or Israel.

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