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What's In A Number - Economic Jihad

In my first post here on EOS, I wrote about the significance of the date of 9/11. Since then, it has become clear that not only do jihadists use anniversaries for attacks, but that the numbers in the dates themselves have significance; with the emphasis on odd numbers.

During the 9/11 hijackings, many more clues were given about which numbers hold significance. American Airlines flight 11 and 77 were hijacked. The London terrorist bombings occurred on July 7th (7/7). A United Airlines flight 175 was hijacked (read Sura II verse 175. For context sura II verse 174). Taking 175 and changing it to a date 17/5 (using the British calendar system of placing the date first, followed by month) we have the 17th of May. This was the date, in 1987, when Saddam launched an Exocet missle at the USS Stark, killing 37 sailors. Also the Madrid bombings were carried out on March the 11th 2004 (3/11).

The most famous flight of 9/11, United 93, became well known thanks to the heroic actions of its passengers as they learnt about the other hijackings that had taken place that day, and decided to fight their kidnappers ultimately crashing the plane in Pennsylvania. All the passengers on board died. But 93 was the year (1993) of the first WTC bombing.

However, the date of the 1993 bombing was February 26th. Obviously no odd numbers there. But on Feb 26th, 1989, the US army officially withdrew from Lebanon. On the same date in 1991, Saddam ordered the withdrawal of his occupying forces from Kuwait. Given the strong evidence that Iraq was involved in the first WTC bombing, this is more than likely the reason for the date of the first attempt to destroy the WTC.

But odd numbers don't only relate to terror operations. According to Islamic sources (PDF document) on shari'ah, an odd number of prayers must be recited during daily prayers. The entire first chapter (sura) of the Quar'an consists only of 7 short verses.

The terrorist 'Palestinian' leaders of the PA, attempted to have a Palestinian State declared in September of 2011 (thus 9/11). Achieving statehood would've meant a significant milestone in the Arabs war to exterminate Israel. The State of Palestine would be able to launch one war crimes investigation after another against Israel through the UN (and as we have seen, accusations of massacres in the past have been fabricated, the most successful of which being the Goldstone Report). In addition, Israel would have no legal authority to check shipments going in and out of the West Bank, effectively meaning the importing of any amount of weapons.

As for 9/11, in the Quar'an, Sura (chapter) 9 verse 111 is the most chilling. The verse talks about believers (Muslims) killing and being killed for Islam, and in exchange receiving paradise from Allah. Reading this verse, and the authoritative commentary along with it (Quar'an IEC 2nd edition. Commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)), it's not hard to imagine these verses were going through the minds of the hijackers, in the run up to their mission.

In fact, chapter (sura) 9 in the Quar'an is one of the most violent of all. Muslims believe that the 9th chapter of the Quar'an came about in the 9th year of the hijra. Meaning it was written 9 years after Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, and from his new base of operations in Medina set about planning how to conquer the rest of Arabia, and from there the rest of the Middle East and the world.

The Odd-Numbers Theory Today

On the last anniversary of 9/11 (the tenth anniversary), tensions were high as people were expecting some sort of attack given the significance of a decade passing since the attacks. But I remember positing the above theory and being skeptical that an attack would take place. Thankfully, an attack never came. But could that be because of what we now know above? Ten is obviously not an odd number...

Today, I received my copy of Secret Weapon by Kevin Freeman. In the book, Freeman explains not only how the Western economies are being destroyed using  financial products as weapons, but that we're in a final stage (the Third Act, as he calls it) of a monetary and fiscal attack.

Nobody could have missed the 2008 economic crash. But amazingly, Freeman reveals, It came on the 7th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, on September 11th, 2008.

Here is an important lecture by Freeman of his concepts, how economic terrorism works, and what happened in the 2008 economic meltdown.This has already been approved by US Congressmen, intelligence officials; and Freeman has now briefed the CIA.

Clearly the US is extremely vulnerable (in large part thanks to President Obama's stimulus, as well as the community organisers, with the help of President Clinton, overloading the housing markets). This ties together all the projects of George Soros, the Saudi sponsored al Qaeda's war on the US, and shari'ah finance. But the last remaining piece of the puzzle is when the final attack itself will occur?

Maybe a financial attack is connected to the upcoming 9/11 anniversary, which will be the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks 2001, maybe it won't be financial. But I am certain from the data above (and there is a lot more of it), that this anniversary (2012) will be a lot more significant than last year's 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The intention of writing this is not to cause alarm, but it is written in the hope of providing the relevant authorities a possible insight and key date in order to prepare. Hopefully the readers will also make some preparations too. To some, this may be hard to believe and easy to dismiss. Just like standing in downtown Manhattan on 10th September 2001, and telling people that the towers would be brought down the next day.

Only time will tell...

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