Friday, 20 April 2012

Eurabia Comes To Israel

Last night on Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel, another story of attempted murder showed the dangers of having Muslims live with non-Muslims.

In the Arab dominated area of East Jerusalem, a young Jewish man was stabbed by a Muslim. This is just one of a series of attacks on this minority of Jews living among Arabs. What is clear is that while elsewhere in Israel some 1.5 million Israeli Arabs live far better lives than Arabs anywhere else in the Mid East, the Arabs in Israel do not want Jews living among them.

The other day I was on a mini-bus and noticed the driver's erratic behaviour on the road. Aggressive, he started driving off before passengers had gotten off (before they'd managed to fully step off the bus); elsewhere in the news we hear of multiple hit-and-runs. Jews being mown down in traffic 'accidents' with the assailant's identity remaining a mystery.

The other week, again on a bus, a passenger sitting on the other side of the aisle from me was talking on her cell phone. Nobody complained, she wasn't loud or speaking for long. But as soon as she started saying good bye and 'Happy Passover', the driver yelled at her from the front of the bus, in an Arabic accent, that it was disturbing him.

I sat in a restaurant in the middle of Tel Aviv, only to feel murderous vibes from the owners. On further 'inspection' I notice they are not Jews. I walk past building sites with Arab labourers and I see them trying to chat up Jewish girls as they pass by. In other news I hear some 150,000 Jewish women are held against their will in Arab homes after being seduced by Arab men.

Elsewhere in Europe, we know the patterns of migration all too well. The Muslims move in, and when there are enough of them, the jihad starts. A variety of crimes, paedophilia and rapes ensure the non-Muslim inhabitants eventually flee thus creating a ghetto, which become breeding grounds for terrorism. And with the authorities' showing 'cultural sensitivity' to Islam's covert tactics of war, the non-Muslim majority is on a losing streak.

With this record of failure, it begs the question why the EU is now imposing the same fate on Israel.

Arabs are everywhere.

There are many Ethiopians, Sudanese refugees (but also non-refugee illegal immigrants), and Filippino and Thai migrant workers here too. I don't pay attention to them because they don't want to kill every last one of us. All they want to do is work, send money home, and get on with their lives. With the exception of the illegal infiltrators, they don't pose a problem to the safety of Israelis. And they do jobs Israelis themselves don't do, such as care giving for our elderly or cleaning dishes in kitchens. As such, they help the economy and many other people. And this is an ideal scenario which benefits both the host nation as well as the migrants. However this is not the case when it comes to the vast majority of Muslims, no matter where they reside.

Up until recently, the Arab and Jewish communities have kept to their own towns, cities and villages. So why the sudden change? By chance I found an article which made me realise what's going on. A secret EU plan to impose mass integration in Israel between its Muslims and non-Muslims seeing as this has obviously worked so well for Europe.

In keeping with the Arab rejection of a Jewish state, the EU report refused requests from Israel that Arab leaders show good intentions before this process begin and recognise the Jewish State's right to exist. It says "We do not believe that recognition of Israel as a Jewish State should detract in any way from the vision of equality for all its citizens enshrined in its founding documents". This is using the empty language of multiculturalism to force Israel to accept what the Arabs themselves refuse to accept.

And obviously, with Netanyahu as PM this plan has seen no resistance.

Palestinian boy gives Nazi salute with Israeli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi smiling in the background

The report also suggested that the EU file an official protest every time a bill discriminating against Arabs passes a second reading in the Knesset. Could this be related to the failure to implement Israel's pledge of allegiance? Since this failure, we have seen Arab MKs become more and more belligerent, being photographed with members of Hamas, being more open in their support for the destruction of the Jewish State. But the real reason for the report is found in hidden language, and it is because of a breakdown in peace talks.

This is interesting because it shows that no matter what happens with peace talks, Israel's enemies in the EU wish to bring Jews and Muslims together, no matter what the dangers on the ground. We can see the EU favours the whims of Muslims over the basic human rights of Europeans, so what rights do Jews have in their own country?

It is also further proof that the peace process is thinly veiled diplomatic weapon.

Last time Bibi was PM back in the late '90s, he faced pressure in the form of Bill Clinton. Clinton was desperate for peace talks and some sort of a break-through as he needed to deflect attention away from Monica and the sex scandal. In Israel's current President, Shimon Peres, Clinton found a willing acomplice.

Before Netanyahu agreed to withdraw Jews from the holy city of Hebron, as well as withdraw control over Bethlehem, and others, Shimon Peres said this to Bibi in knesset, imploring him to finalise the Hebron Agreement: "If you want peace, there will be blood and agony and murder." Peres went on with various hyperbole "I prefer the agony of peace to the blood of war." "War has a heavy price" he said "so does peace". "Our generation must undergo the agonies of peace".

Of course, Peres would pay absolutely nothing if Netanyahu agreed to withdraw. Peres did not live in Hebron, and neither was he a Christian in Bethlehem. But he would receive many rewards and friendship from Clinton for helping the beleaguered American president.

The actions taken back then are still being felt today. The people on the ground still suffer. Shimon Peres does not, and neither does anyone in the EU thus more is implemented.

In my last post I wrote about Peace Now's objection to Jews moving into Arab areas (which were previously Jewish anyway). And this just goes to show that the Left's apartheid policy is no different to the Muslims: that migration only go one way.

Twenty years ago, Hollywood was making films warning non-Muslim women of the dangers of marrying a Muslim. Now they say you're racist if you're hostile to Muslims, even with information such as this:

What is clear is that no matter what our enemies attempt to impose on us, the government under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu is the weakest in all of Israel's history. We are now paying the price for Netanyahu continually offering peace talks to Abbas in the face of non-stop attacks. From the flytilla to border penetrations, when Bibi thinks he's being clever by showing the international community just how peace-loving he is, and how much he's willing to talk to the enemy, he's calling Abbas' bluff and showing the international community the reality; that Israel is for peace, while our enemies are not.

But in reply, the international community call Bibi's bluff and simply turn the screws even further, putting forward yet more dangerous plans on Israel, which the Israeli left accept and Bibi dare not refuse. The EU reveal their true colours time and time again, but Israel's leaders are too weak or too corruptible. In terms of Middle Eastern diplomacy, when Netanyahu offers peace talks in the face of Abbas' continued war on Israel, he shows Abbas weakness and invites yet more attacks and inspires Abbas to threaten another attempt at a Palestinian statehood bid, unless more concessions are given to him by Bibi. The more Netanyahu concedes, the worse things get.

This is the Netanyahu nightmare.

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